Project Description

Don Marco’s Barbecue Spray

Don Marco’s Barbecue Spray, the allrounder for grill, BBQ and kitchen.

Use Don Marco’s BBQ Spray to care for your (cast iron) grill grates, griddle plates, cast iron cookware, Dutch ovens and your steel smoker.

Just spray the surfaces after cleaning or brushing with a thin coat of Don Marco’s BBQ Spray.

This effectively prevents food from sticking to your grates, griddles and cast iron cookware.

It also prevents the metal from rusting inside and outside.

Perfectly suited to season your cast iron cookware, grates or smoker.


Don Marco’s BBQ Spray the legal for sale to consumers solution to care for your cookware and grates and has a non-stick effect, especially made for the grill and BBQ area.


The special formula of the BBQ spray´s 100% rapeseed oil allows us to fill the aerosol-cans with a non-flammable propellant, which fulfills the legal requirements.

As usual with our products, there are no ingredients inside the product that don’t belong there.

Packaging: 300ml in a Spray Can

Suggested Retail Price:

7,95 Euro incl. VAT
Base Price per 100 ml 2,65 Euro


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