Project Description

Special Steak & BBQ Salt “Sea salt”

We didn’t reinvent the salt, but made it just more delicious!

Don Marco’s Steak and BBQ Salt is the perfect salt for steaks and other grilled goods. Due to the very regular coarse texture you will salt your steak just right.

Use a tiny amount of oil to make the salt stick to your meat in order for the salt to just form an unbelievable crust with the meat juice during barbecuing.

Add the oil by using a brush 30 minutes to an hour before grilling it, and then sprinkle the steak with a thin even coat of salt to your personal preferences.

Leave it outside the fridge, covered with some foil, in order to warm up in room temperature for a bit. Now, grill your meat to your personal taste. Excessive salt will usually drip from the meat during the barbecuing.


Resealable Zip-Loc base pouch bag with clear window.


This product contains no animal ingredients and is vegan.

Gluten free.

Allergens: None

Manufacturer suggested retail price:

300 gr 4,95 Euro incl. VAT.
(100gr / 1,65 Euro)

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