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Don Marco’s Smokey Spice Herbpellets Mediterranean

Don Marco’s Smokey Spice Herb Pellets deliver a never before known aroma to your foods. They are made of 100% natural herbs, which are compressed to pellets under high pressure without use of any binders. They slowly and evenly deliver their flavour to your foods so you get that one of a kind herb flavour. Don Marco’s herb pellets enhance almost every food, no matter if you are cooking meat, fish or vegetables. They can be used on every grill.

The application of the Smokey Spice herb pellets is really simple:

In a charcoal grill, just put some pellets into the embers. For longer lasting smoke, you can fold a smoke pocket out of aluminium foil, fill it with some pellets and close it tightly by folding the edges. Pierce a few holes into the foil and put the package onto the embers or on top of your gas grills burner. This way, you get a long lasting, clean smoke without flames.

As a re-useable alternative, you can use smoker boxes or pipes sold as accessories. In a pellet grill, you can mix the herb pellets with the wood pellets. Can also be used for cold smoking on top of the sawdust.

Don Marco’s Smokey Spice is a ready to use product. No soaking required.


Resealable transparent square  PET can

Content: 450 Gramm

Suggested Retail Price


9,95 Euro incl. VAT
Base Price per kg 22,11 Euro

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