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Don Marco´s original Salt Plank “L”

Don Marco´s Original Salt Plank is perfect to cook seafood, fish, poultry, steaks or vegetables on the grill and thereby give a nice salt flavour and crust. The Saltplank comes from the Salt Mountains between the Hindus and Himalaya in Paksitan. It is made out of 500 million years old clean stone salt, about twice as old as regular european salt.

The plank contains only about 4% water, so its perfectly safe to use on the grill or in the oven.

Laboratory testet quality
Due to our regular laboratory tests of our products we can ensure you the safe and healthy use of the salt plank on the grill or in the oven.

How to cook on the saltplank:
Slowly heat the saltplank with indirect or medium direct heat.

Lightly oil your food with cooking oil of your choice, season it to taste but dont use salt. The saltplank will give a nice salty flavour to the food during cooking.

Put the food on the plank once it has reached the desired cooking temperature.

Ideally use the plank over indirect heat or direct heat with a closed grill. You may need to turn the food at least once, depending on the temperature.

You can also serve the food directly from the saltplank, wich will make for a nice presentation and also keeps the food warm. Using a spatula or a good pair of tongs or gloves, carefully take the hot plank off the grill and put on a wooden cutting board or a plate.

For thicker cuts, adding a little salt at the table migtht be neccessary.

To clean the plank, carefully wipe the cold plank with a wet towel or under running water until its clean again. let it dry before storing.

You can use the saltplank multiple times but it will shrink a bit after each cleaning.

Don Marco´s original Salt Plank “L”

20 x 20 x 2,5cm, appr. 2,2 kg

Manufacturer suggested retail price:

per piece 17,95 Euro incl. VAT


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