Project Description

Don Marco’s King Cacao

Don Marco’s King Cacao is a spicy rub with cacao that gives the food to be grilled a fantastic aroma and tender glaze. Perfect for chicken breast and poultry, pork fillet, roast beef and pork roast pork, ground meat dishes and steaks or to top off a chilli. BBQ ribs and pulled pork harmonise very well with King Cacao.

Dry rub the food to be grilled with seasoning mix and moisten with some oil if necessary.
Use as a liquid marinade with fruit juice or oil mixed in.


Resealable square sleeved PET shaker can with small and large openings.

Transparent bottom to see product but protect from light.


This products contains no animal ingredients and is vegan.

Gluten free.

Allergens: None

Manufacturer suggested retail price:

220 gr 10,95 Euro incl. VAT.
(100gr / 4,98 Euro)

630 gr Bag 24,50 Euro incl. VAT
(100 gr / 3,89 Euro)

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