Project Description

Brine-O-Magic for FISH

Don Marco’s  Brine-O-Magic®                                                       

Brine mix for soaking your meats                                                       


Brine-o-Magic is the secret to incredibly juicy and flavourful meat.

For decades, brines have been the secret of American BBQ Pitmasters.


The perfectly balanced Brine-O-Magic is mixed with water and the meat is soaked chilled in the brine mix for several hours or days, depending on the recipe.

The special mixture causes a deep penetration of the ingredients into the meat due to osmosis. The specialty about this is, that flavour and moisture are locked into the cells so you end up with a lot more flavourful and juicy meat after cooking.


Re-sealable PET Can with 550 Gramms

Suggested Retail Price

9,95 Euro incl. VAT
Base Price per kg 18,09  Euro

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